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Spiritual Direction


 'create a space for you

to receive

a gift of presence


Spiritual direction is a contemplative space where you listen to your heart and wait for God's movement in it.  

I invite you to a welcoming space to reflect on your life and pay attention to God's loving presence in it. It's a journey of welcoming, exploring, experiencing, and healing. 

Big Leaf_edited_edited.png


Welcoming space where you are welcomed and accepted for who you are, without judgement.

Poppy with Leaves


Paying attention to your life and the loving presence of God within it. 



Experiencing the presence of God in your thoughts, heart, and every aspect of your life.

Big Tree


Spiritual direction is a journey of healing in which you pay attention to your relationship with God and youself. It's a transformative path towards discovering God's deep love for ourselves and learning to love others. 


  • Who this is for: For searching and exploring their relationship with God in a space where one has the freedom to be fully who they are. I offer Spiritual direction in Korean and English. 

  • Commitment level: Bi-weekly or monthly sessions available. Each session is 60 minutes. Currently, I offer online Spiritual Direction via Zoom. 

Please contact me for a complimentary orientation session to determine whether Spiritual direction is right place for you.

I offer an initial complimentary orientation session to discern if my approach to spiritual direction is what you would like to collaborate on and if I can accompany you well. If we decide to start the journey together, I ask you to complete and sign an Engagement Agreement.  This is a process of confirming that we are both starting on the same page in understanding what we are doing.​

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