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hi, my name is 
Yoori Shen

I am not a teacher of spirituality. Rather, I am here as your fellow traveller, inviting you to come to the presence of the loving One who is beyond us. 

Here is a glimpse of my journey of welcoming and exploring my inner journey and God's presence in my life.

My Story

I was born in Korea and came to Canada as an international student when I was 17. I have a tender place in my heart for those who are relocated and are apart from their community. This tender place led me to be in a full-time Christian campus ministry with international students in Canada for the first ten years of my career.


When I started receiving spiritual direction, I was experiencing burnout from the ministry work. It was difficult for me to continue the work because of a lack of joy and energy, and it was even more challenging to accept that I was in a place where I could no longer serve the work I had devoted for almost 10 years. I remember being filled with joy and passion for my ministry work. I felt so close to God during that time.   

"Then, who am I to God when I am no longer capable of continuing the precious work God appointed to me?"

When I experienced burnout, I was caught up in the thought that God wouldn’t be close to me anymore because I had failed. I confess that at some point in my faith journey, I felt like I figured God out. I felt like I could easily guess what God likes and dislikes. I could imagine how God may answer my questions. I knew what to expect and not to expect from God. I thought that I knew what God expected of me.

  This slow and gentle journey of Spiritual Direction continuously helps me open my heart to God, who is beyond my understanding and loves me as I am, not because of what I have achieved. 

 In this journey, I continue to discover a mysterious God whom I used to think that I figured out.

Also, in this journey, I discover deeper places in my heart and deeper wounds waiting for me to bring them to the light to be healed.

So, spiritual direction has been a journey to listen to my heart and experience God’s loving presence there. It's a journey of healing and blessing, and receiving spiritual direction makes me realize that we need company in this welcoming, exploring and healing journey. We need a fellow traveller who would walk with us and continue pointing to the “mysterious One” who invites and directs us on this journey.

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