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Where is God When I Feel...







When I Feel Alone?

Have you told yourself you are not supposed to bring difficult feelings to God? 

Are you seeking a space where you can bring your questions and thoughts without being judged? 

What if there is a welcoming space for you to explore feelings, thoughts and questions?

Here with You Invite You to a Journey of...

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Poppy with Leaves




Big Tree


Here with You provides a safe and welcoming space where you can talk and be heard without being judged. As an empathetic listener, my goal is not to solve your problems but to simply hold space for you and your life with love and respect. My desire is to create a space for you to listen to your inner guide, the loving One who is always present with you. 


Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a slow journey of reflecting on your life and waiting for God's movement in it. 

I accompany this journey by creating a space that is welcoming and non-judgmental.


I offer member care services to clergy staff in collaboration with various organizations. Contact me for more information.


hi, my name is 
Yoori Shen 

Hi, my name is Yoori Shen. I am a Spiritual director who offers compassionate and empathetic listening to others. The listening I am offering will be without judging; I will listen without trying to solve problems and will hold your life with respect and love.


I invite you to a welcoming space to reflect on your life and pay attention to God's loving presence in it. It's a journey of welcoming, listening, experiencing, and healing. 

I have not figured out all the mysteries of life and the Divine. Instead, I navigate my journey of self-exploration and my relationship with God through the disappointments that life brings, such as broken relationships, miscarriages, and burnout from Christian ministry work. Through this journey, I unpack my questions, doubts, confusion, and hurt in the loving presence of God. To me, this has been a journey of deepening my understanding of who I am and being assured that God desires healing and restoration in every aspect of our lives so that we can join God's restorative work.

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